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As a mixture of rugged coastline, secluded beaches, moorlands and villages, Shetland offers a truly breathtaking holiday. Lying 150km north of the Scottish Mainland, Shetland is actually closer to Norway and as you explore and unearth this scenic island, you will be sure to see this unique fusion shine through.

Known for

  • Viking Past – Around the 9th century, Vikings invaded Shetland and left their mark and influence on these Scottish Islands which still today houses the greatest concentration of rural Viking longhouses found anywhere, including Scandinavia itself.
  • ‘Simmer Dim’ – Due to Shetland being so far north, in the summer months the island barely gets dark with over 19 hours of daylight giving you more time to enjoy the superb outdoors here.
  • A Superb Scottish Adventure – With beautiful scenery, a dramatic coastline and one of the largest bird colonies in the North Atlantic, Shetland is not an island where you would want to spend your time indoors.

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Out of the 100 islands which make up Shetland, 15 are inhabited and rest assured there is plenty to do on these 15 islands to keep you occupied on your visit. The capital Lerwick, known for its spectacular annual fire festival is a great place to start with its quaint waterfront, cosy pubs and traditional music scene.

For those looking to enjoy the great outdoors, the isles of Shetland will not disappoint. Hike along its coastal trails as you spot the Shetland ponies which populate the island or clamber up the sea stacks; there are plenty ways to explore these beautiful islands. If you prefer your activities a little more sea-based then you will not be alone with the waters around Shetland attracting an abundance of water sport enthusiasts so enjoy the fantastic diving, fishing and sailing conditions available here.

Walk in the footsteps of the Vikings and delve into the unique history and cultural heritage of the magnificent Shetland Isles. Although there is evidence throughout Shetland, it is on Britain’s most northerly inhabited island, Unst that you will find the highest concentration of evidence of the former Viking presence. Be sure to visit the highly informative Shetland Museum to learn even more about this extraordinary island; from its textile industry to its archaeological treasures to recordings of the local Shetland dialect. It is all just waiting to be uncovered.

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