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The Netherlands

Eindhoven, the largest city in southern Netherlands is perhaps not your typical Dutch city but rather a young and lively city. The original home of electronic giant Philips, Eindhoven continues to successfully nurture its innovative spirit and fantastic modern cultural attractions, making it a fantastic choice for a weekend break.

Known for

  • City of Light Eindhoven’s nickname dates back over a century due to its match industry and connections with Philip’s lightbulbs, and gives an insight into the city’s industrial heritage.
  • The Van Abbemuseum – Often seen as the standout cultural attraction of Eindhoven, this wonderful museum showcases 20th century art from world renowned artists including Lissitzky, Dijkstra, and Picasso.
  • Football Mad – Eindhoven is home to one of the very best in the Dutch Football League, PSV Eindhoven; so if you are a fan then a visit to the Philips stadium and its museum should definitely be on your itinerary.

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Eindhoven is not the most historical city in Europe suffering major damage in the second world war but its innovation and other offerings certainly make up for that. In recent years, Eindhoven has established itself as a city of modern architectural wonders with the BLOB, a unique and modern glass structure and the Evoluon Conference Centre which although built in 1970s resembles a futuristic spaceship. If you do want to see something a little more historic then the fantastic Saint Catherine Cathedral with its stained glass and magnificent pipe organ is a must.

Eindhoven is known for its collection of incredible museums including the Van Abbemuseum and the PreHistorisch Dorp. A favourite with the tourists is the DAF Museum which not only tells the history of one of Europe’s largest truck manufacturers but boasts an impressive array of trucks, cars, fire engines and more. Or learn more about the history of Eindhoven and how one company helped to shape it into the wonderful city we know today at the Philips Museum.

Just like its sister Amsterdam, Eindhoven is an excellent weekend break filled with superb shopping, dining and nightlife. Head to the infamous Stratumeind - the longest pub street in the Netherlands, explore the small design shops or enjoy a coffee in one of the countless cafes that fill the city. What’s more, like its sister, it is recommended that you explore this phenomenal city by bicycle taking advantage of its many beautiful parks and bike lanes.

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