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As one of the cleanest and richest cities in the world, Zurich set on Lake Zurich in Northern Switzerland is truly stunning. Zurich is a city for all seasons, offering an abundance of fantastic culture, shopping, and a more traditional Swiss feel than its very international sister city of Geneva.

Known for

  • Three Famous Churches – A trio of iconic churches- the Grossmünster, the Fraumuster, and St Peters Church make up Zurich with the most famous of the three being Grossmünster whose twin towers command the skyline.
  • Lindenhof – A former Roman fort, this idyllic green square is where the city began to marvel in its historical importance as you look out over the Old Town.
  • Portal to the Swiss Alps – With excellent transport links and the Alps right on Zurich’s doorstep, it is no surprise Zurich earned itself a reputation as the perfect destination for exploring the breathtaking alps either by foot or by ski.

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Zurich boasts an elegant and extensive Old Town made up of churches, medieval buildings, cobbled streets, plazas, and small specialty shops. Complementing its fantastic historic centre is the city’s beauty; why not climb to the top of Üetliberg peak? You can also wander along the Lake Zurich promenade, or enjoy a boat trip on the lake for some truly phenomenal views across the city.

With over 50 museums and 100 galleries, there really is something for everyone from art to football to specialty watches. Perhaps the two most noteworthy are the Kunsthaus, an impressive art gallery showcasing great Swiss artists including Giacometti, and the National Swiss Museum that's housed inside an impressive neo-gothic castle building. The city is also seen as the most vibrant Swiss city in terms of nightlife, with the highest concentration and largest variety of clubs and bars on offer.

If you are looking to hit the Swiss slopes, then Zurich offers a fantastic base, with world-class skiing less than two hours' drive from the city. Davos-Klosters is one of Europe’s largest and best known winter sport areas; Davos offers fantastic hotels, a large natural ice rink, and a variety of trails while neighbour Klosters gives a much quainter ski village feel. Alternatively, head to Laax, a snowboarder’s paradise with four impressive snow parks close by.

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