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Nantes, France’s sixth largest city is a true art lover’s paradise as museums, galleries, wineries and gardens make up this incredible city. Nante’s past as a booming port city on the west coast of the country has ensured that the city is still steeped in heritage, culture and beauty today.

Known for

  • Grand Elephant – This 12m high mechanical elephant walks through the city centre and is the most recognised of all the extraordinary machines found at the Les Machines de L'ile.
  • Medieval City – Discover the history and charm as you explore the cobbled streets of the medieval Old Town revolving around the Chateau.
  • Green Spaces – The charismatic parks, gardens and squares which make up an impressive 15% of the city ensure that the 2013 Green Capital of Europe never feels congested or dull.

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Nantes is a fantastic city to wander with history and beauty around every corner and countless fantastic museums and galleries to stop in as you explore. Learn more about this incredible city’s past at the Nantes History Museum in the former Chateau of the Dukes of Brittany. Another must see is the Cathedral of Saint-Peter and Saint-Paul whose immense twin towers structure is taller than the Notre Dame in Paris, it took over 400 years to complete and is said to be more impressive when illuminated at night. What’s more why not jump on board the grand elephant for a truly unique way to view this fantastic city.

The city’s past as a rich port city can be seen today not only by its grand historic buildings but also its beautiful gardens and parks that make up the city. The Jardin des Plantes de Nantes is the royal botanical garden whose tropical greenhouse and stunning flowers, structures and farm animals are spread over 16 acres. For even more exotic plants and superb water features, why not visit the peaceful Ile de Versailles where you will find the Japanese Garden.

As one of the largest wine growing regions in the whole of France, why not head out into the beautiful southern Loire country and sample some of the delicious selection on offer including the most famous Muscadet white wine in the many fantastic vineyards that lie just outside the city. Complement a glass of wine with some of the superb cuisine available with Nantes being known for its delicious seafood as well as cheese, pastries and other French delicacies.

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