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Memmingen is a great gateway to the Bavarian state of Germany, with so many of the state’s top attractions and beautiful scenery within a couple of hours reach from the town.Whether you are a hiker, a skier, or just looking to see more of Germany, there’s something for everyone close to Memmingen.

Known for

  • The German Alpine Road - The German Alpenstrasse (Alpine Road) can be reached within an hour of Memmingen. This is Germany’s oldest tourist route.
  • Neuschwanstein Castle - One of the world's most recognisable castles is an hour away from Memmingen.
  • Bavarian Alps - An hour and a half away from Memmingen lies the Bavarian Alps, one of Bavaria's top holiday destinations.

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Memmingen is a town nestled in the Bavarian state of Germany, and it’s a popular base for tourists looking to explore what the area has to offer. With so much to see and do, Memmingen is a great place to start your Bavarian adventure. The German Alpine Road is a must-do, and it’s around an hour’s drive from Memmingen. The route goes on for 450 kilometres and takes you through the popular tourist regions of Allgäu and Upper Bavaria. Along the route, you will see beautiful landscape ranging from valleys and lakes to Alpine meadows.

On the route, exploring Lindau is highly recommended, an island surrounded by the crystal clear Lake Constance with snow covered scenery in the background. Climb the lighthouse on the island for magnificent panoramic views over the Alps and the lake. Another popular island is the “flower island” of Mainau. The site attracts many visitors due to its beautiful parks and gardens and tropical vegetation. Visitors can access the island by boat or via a pedestrian bridge. One of the most popular attractions in all of Germany is the Neuschwanstein Castle, a fairy-tale like castle on a rugged cliff against a scenic mountain backdrop. This stunning castle often recognised as like a ‘Disney castle’ offers tours for visitors.

Another must-visit in the area is the Bavarian Alps, which have lots of opportunities for hiking, climbing and cycling in the summer, and of course skiing in the winter. Oberstdorf is one of the most popular areas for hikers and skiers, and is around an hour from Memmingen. Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany, is also within an hour and a half of Memmingen, and is another popular skiing destination. The resort has a lot to offer for non skiiers too, including an igloo village, two toboggan runs and 360° panorama with views over 400 mountain peaks.

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