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Set in the heart of the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy, Malta is a beautiful island with an extremely friendly and laidback atmosphere. With lots of sunshine and beaches, one of the world’s highest concentrations of historic sights and a vibrant clubbing scene, Malta has something to suit every taste, making it the ultimate holiday destination.

Known for

  • Crystal Clear Sea – Malta is a fantastic Island for those wanting to relax on the beach with some of the most beautiful clear blue water in all of the Mediterranean.
  • Countless Historic Sights – For a small island, Malta is bursting with history and a total of 7 of its attractions are placed on the UNESCO’s tentative World Heritage Site List.
  • Mdina – For many visitors, their favourite thing to do is to simply stroll around and soak up the tranquil atmosphere of the ancient town of Mdina.
  • Vibrant Nightlife – This small but vibrant island has not only attracted Annie Mac to host her Lost & Found festival on but continually attracts huge international DJs including Tiesto and Steve Aoki.

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The medieval capital Valletta, recognised as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites on the island, is only a short drive from the airport and boasts an impressive 300+ monuments. It may be a very small city, but it offers plenty to do; spend time in its picturesque squares, or visit the impressive St John’s Cathedral. Walk along the waterfront before relaxing in the Upper Barraka Gardens, which is one of the standout beautiful gardens of the city.

Visit Mdina, where you can venture inside the St Paul’s Cathedral and see its beautiful interior and stunning frescoes. Alternatively, you can discover more about gruesome and bloody events of the island’s past at the Mdina Dungeons. Head to its neighbour Rabat to visit the Domus Romana, the Roman House where you can see multi-coloured mosaics, ancient columns and statues, and learn more about the town’s Roman past. Another unmissable attraction is the mysterious and fascinating Megalithic Temples on the island that date back to 3600BC.

Offering 300 days of sunshine, hot summers, and mild winters, Malta is a great destination for families looking for a beach and sun holiday, as there are plenty of fantastic beaches along this island’s coast. Go snorkelling or scuba diving in some of the crystal clear water, or rock climb along the stretches of coastal cliff. For those who want to make the most of their night here too, Malta has some fantastic open air clubs on offer as well.

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