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United Arab Emirates

The largest city in the United Arab Emirates offers year-round sunshine, miles of glorious sand and luxurious resorts. Whether you’re looking to relax, explore the city, enjoy Dubai’s nightlife, or take advantage of the great shops on offer, Dubai has something for everyone. Fly from October 2018!

Known for

  • The World’s Tallest Building - The Burj Khalifa, at 829.9 metres is the tallest building in the world, and is one of the city’s most famous attractions.
  • Shopping - The city boasts numerous malls, including Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, and there are lots of souks (markets) to explore in Dubai too.
  • Desert Excursions - Many tourists take a trip to the desert as there’s a range of excursions on offer including desert safari and camel riding.
  • Nightlife - Dubai has a vibrant nightlife scene, with famous clubs including Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, White and Cirque Le Soir. There are lots of beach clubs too, and Zero Gravity and Nikki Beach are popular amongst tourists.

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Summer schedule from April to October. Winter schedule from November to March.

A city unlike any other, Dubai is packed full of manmade and natural wonders, where visitors can experience a mix of traditional Middle Eastern charm and modern glamour. If you’re keen to explore the city’s modern attractions, then a good place to start is the Burj Khalifa. With an observation deck on the 148th floor, this is the world’s highest observation deck with incredible views over Dubai, although not for the faint hearted! For those looking to enjoy the sun, Dubai has lots of beaches to choose from, and Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular spots, with water play areas for kids and lots of restaurants and shops set back from the sand.

For the more traditional Dubai, visit the Bastakiya Quarter, one of the oldest heritage sites in the city which is a stark contrast from the modern districts. Here visitors can admire the Arabian architecture, visit the Dubai Museum and wander around the souks. Nearby is the Dubai Creek, the waterway that divides the city in two. It is recommended to take a water taxi or a traditional dhow out on the water for views of Dubai’s coastline; one side is home to Middle Eastern architecture, whilst the other side is more modern with many skyscrapers.

For adventure seekers, head to the Dubai Desert to experience a 4x4 safari amongst the sand dunes, go sandboarding or take a camel ride. Dubai boasts numerous outdoor excursions; the city is home to two of the world’s top ten water parks and there are lots of water sports on offer, including snorkelling and parasailing. If this isn’t for you, then why not take advantage of the plentiful shopping opportunities. Whether you’re looking for designer or high street stores, Dubai has it all, and Dubai Mall alone has more than 1200 shops.

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